ECO-friendly lawn and landscape services in the Cincinnati area. 

Our lawn Services are completely Eco-Friendly, even our equipment. Yes it's true... Give us a call or email to find out more.

Sustainability is our way of life, but service is our commitment to you as a client or even potential client. Our goal is to create relationships beyond tomorrow. We will provide the best affordable prices to our clients on merchandise and Green services, by being a low cost business operator, and developing strong relationships with our vendor and supplier partners. We want our clients to be proud that they hired us, and we want them to tell everyone about our mission. Our integrity isn't just for ECO- friendly lawn care promise, its about doing what's right every time. We will do everything we can to deliver an affordable cost to every client. Personalized service is a lost art in today's business with the way technology has grown. We will honor our clients expectations of service  however they wish, but our first step will be old school style. Firm hand shake, look into the eyes and really appreciate you as a potential client. thank you for your time reading about us today. Please check out our twitter and facebook for good ECO tips.  

Service is Our Commitment

Company Operations and Focus

Not just another Landscape / Lawn care company

Our Mission: To Provide ECO- Friendly Service Through Education and Innovation at Affordable Prices    

Mike, our corporate president  will run all crews and set the standards for service and expectations of each client. When Mike was 12, he started cutting lawns for the neighborhood with the help of his great grandfather. Mike didn't realize it at the time, but looking back; this field of work has always been his passion. Before Mike chose a retail management career, he had 8 years experience working in landscape and pool installation, with the last 4 of those years supervising a crew. Mike has worked the last 26 years managing for the largest warehouse club in the world, and working together with many businesses for their success. Over the last 20 years, Mike has negotiated all commercial service contract agreements for his warehouse locations, but was on the commercial clients side. So he truly understands both sides of this business. Mike will do all estimates, price quotes and contract agreements for each client. Mike has 3 main focus points for success. 1) Passion for serving people 2) Passion for integrity, do what's right every time 3) Respect for Environmental conservation of our planet, and support his wife's passion of ECO- friendly lawn care and landscape service.

Company Mission and Direction

A+ Lawn-Scapes company was founded by Shannon and Mike Walker to share their passion and values for environmental conservation within our communities. Through research and education, we found ways to provide ECO Friendly concepts at a value for our clients. Our research has uncovered many innovative technologies available to us all, but lack of funding and communication holds many ECO programs back. This technology will help us eliminate environmental hazards, such as zero emissions; which will limit the  use of gas and oil, and cut  noise pollution by about half, compared to traditional gas equipment. We Offer free estimates for all landscaping services and organic lawn care in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. 

  A+ Plus Lawn-Scapes,inc

Shannon and Mike Walker

Cell   :   513-319-6535


Fax   :   513-575-2038

Area :  Greater Cincinnati Area

Shannon, our corporate VP will run the day to day operations of client scheduling and client service relationships. Shannon has also developed many relationships with our vendors and suppliers. Shannon is well known for her relationship building and service orientation. Shannon also has a passion for landscape designing, and will work closely with all clients on development and management of all beds and property landscaping.

Shannon is the foundation of our company  mission on ECO- Friendly. Her passion for environmental conservation will keep us focused on educating our clients in our communities everyday.  "ECO- Friendly landscaping with integrity, would Mother Nature approve?" is something every crew will ask themselves before they start work on any property.