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Shannon and Mike Walker

Cell   : 513-319-6535


Area : Greater Cincinnati Area  

We Invest in local rehab properties and develop them into affordable residential or commercial locations within our community

Our mission for an ECO Friendly and sustainable community is more than lawn care and landscaping. We invest in rehab opportunities, and develop them into affordable residential or commercial properties. Our goal is to cut down on landfill, by donating as much materials as we can to organizations like Habitat for Humanity. We plan to recycle as much materials as possible and be sustainable throughout every project.​ 

Our goals for affordable rehab properties are:

  • Invest in properties that will help add value to the community
  • Make every rehab project as sustainable as possible
  • Donate materials to organizations that help others
  • Purchase some material from Habitat Restore 
  • Recycle everything possible, cut back on landfill
  • Offer affordable homes through purchase, rent, option to lease, or financial assist
  • Offer commercial properties at affordable rates

​Our company is here to help our community be environmentally sustainable, recyclable, resourceful, and provide affordable services to as many as possible.        

ECO-friendly lawn and landscape services in the Cincinnati area. 

Our lawn Services are completely Eco-Friendly, even our equipment. Yes it's true... Give us a call or email to find out more.

Know of any properties that could use our help